Adding Value or Needing To Be Seen

An article I recently read, made me re-evaluate why I want to write. This person is an artist and I am too, but the concept looks much the same. Writing a book is an art, eh?

With the message in this article I have taken away the idea that I need to be seen through my art or in this time, my writing. The “value” is in doing it and doing it for myself. If no one sees my writing, that’s okay because I am adding value to my life for writing it.

So what is the bottom line? I have been given some clarity about why I want to write a book. I think the book is inside of me and writing it allows the story to finally be told. Stories (or Memories) are what life is about. I think we all have memories we can relate.

Growing up at a resort (Sycamore Springs-Kansas) environment gave me a broad perspective on life. My family was in the hospitality service industry. We were there to give everyone a good time. Making sure our visitors had a great time was sometimes a challenge. My Mother taught me that there are two sides to every story.

Her father, my Grandfather, made her look at both sides of a situation too. (So, this is a shared family trait or tradition handed down, and I have tried to teach my two children, and now my grandchildren, the same way).

I had a great childhood living at Sycamore Springs. I met so many people and there is also a rich history with Sycamore Springs. The history goes as far back as the Native American Indians. You have to wait for that story.

I plan to share my stories and also about a lot of the people who came there. Living in a rural setting was influenced by the surrounding communities. There will be stories about them too.

I think this experience prepared me for an entrepreneurial life, I like to look at many ideas and I am willing to try new things. Writing a blog is one way to share these ideas and thoughts – here I am!

I was a late bloomer when I attended the University of Kansas. Anyone can start an education at 49. I studied Fine Arts and attended a course in Creative Writing. In that semester I realized (and my Professor too) that I write in a different manner than some and that is okay.

Until next time….

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