Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492-Who?

Many of the people who came to the Americas, the United States as we know it (before 1850 and of course, later), had abandoned a safe and predictable life elsewhere. The excitement and the pleasures of this lost continent seemed to create a new challenge.
Is it the “unknown” that we are drawn to? Do you have that exploring, wondering mentality? If you do, this how there are so many accomplishments made. (I love challenges too, that is why I am undertaking this project)

Their pioneer spirit captivates me. For the fascinating and intriguing interest of the people there were new frontiers everywhere; new horizons, a new sense of confidence; and a passionate belief that this new adventure was worth the risk.

The story will begin before 1491 though. I need to set the stage for this new beginning.
Christopher Columbus of Genoa Italy had searched for someone to finance his trip to the Americas and he approached Queen Isabella I to help make his trip possible.

At the time (1491) Queen Isabella I (Spain) was the most powerful woman in Europe. She had heard of the new land with natural wealth, a land of many contrasts, and riches for the taking.
Queen Isabella I (born in Portugal-1451) was queen of Castile and Leon and had married Ferdinand II of Aragon, King of Sicily and through this arrangement they brought their kingdoms together to become the country known as Spain.  With this added influence, Queen Isabella was able to finance the trip for Columbus.

As added information, the daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand was Catherine of Aragon who became the first wife and Queen of King Henry VIII of England.

Being familiar with Henry the 8th I want to create a connection and how the monarchies worked in Europe. Who knows whom, and where do you come from, and what do you govern so together we can control more of the land? Hmmm! This is getting interesting….

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